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Draw me again! by Ssaijon Draw me again! by Ssaijon
PLEASE look at the full 2012 version here: [link] (had to cut it because of the size)

Hereīs the 2010 version:[link] (Oh the glory times of the king and queen font!!)

Anyway, Iīll add the same tex from the original 2012 pic here as well. :)

One day we’ll meet, not far away
The pain you caused, showed me to life
One day you will realize, what you have done
So wait and see, what I have become

Kill me for the hate I bear, burning inside me,
Spreading around me
Hate me now for who I am, you don’t know me,
Don’t even try to...

Norther - The Hate I Bear

If you like good metal hereīs the song : [link]
This song fits him very very well!! (read on for more info about this character! :)

Two years ago I drew these two pics of him (and stored them a while ago):



And today, for the "draw it again contest" I drew this character again, in the same pose! :) Please let me explian the backstory of him (heīs a dear character of mine, half of a robot and half of a wolf :heart: ):

O.F.F. (the creature) was created by the secret service some years ago. Some professors created a very huge and strong canine like roboter with powerful paws, from new materials wich were very difficult to destroy. Tarned as a canine creature, his only duty was to silenty eliminate enemies, for example in war. Since he looked somewhat wolfl-like, he could easily hide in the forests or in caves and could not really be identified after a kill.

But it wasnīt enough, it was too unintelligent to do what it had to do and couldnīt to anything on his own. So the professors did an experiment...
They integrated biological bacilli and the DNA of a wolf, in a hope they would grow in this (before specially treated) robot body, and waited. Surprisingly really something happend! They created an artificial live...the bacilli started to grow and got mixed with the DNA (well this actually works stays a secret :P) and started to live in the robot body...with real flesh and blood and cables. Then they had a wolf in a robot body, a living creature with the fine senses of a wolf and the robust body of a robot. They could train it to learn things on his own...and to kill of his own.

And so it worked well for a few years, he lived outside and killed enemies, how he was told to do. But something went wrong. The creature bacame more and more far more intelligent then a wolf or an us known robot! And even worse...he began to feel...sadness, desire for the forests, to run free, to run with his family and friends. His wolf heart was stronger then anything. And so he started to ignore his professors, ran away and searched for a wolf pack he could live with. But the "real" wolves got scared of him, he looked so different and wasnīt natural at all! He was a robot for them, something dangerous that didnīt smell like one of they only attacked him. But he couldnīt fight back, simply couldnīt hurt them. So he ran away again. He couldnīt come back to the secret service, he knew they would kill him. He became an outcast, couldnīt live in the animal world, nor in the human world. He was trapped between the worlds, a lonely wolf heart trapped in a robotic, synthetic body.

And for all the tears, for his lonelyness he could do nothing for, for that the profesors gave him a life he didnīt want to have, there will be a revenge. He promised to himself that he will come back and kill these people that ruined his life in painful, long he can continue his lonely life at least with the knowledge that the professors got what they deserved...

The END! :)

I like this character so much, Iīd take care of him if heīd be real and would not kill me. (:

Btw, if you still like metal, here you can hear how his voice would sound (he can talk the human language! (the part from 1:40- ca 1:50) [link] but the whole song/band is great!

Hope you like (and the drawing)! :)

Art and character (c)~Ssaijon/me
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SageFillyLuna Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student General Artist
great improvement. you can really see a difference
Ssaijon Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Thank you very much! ~:heart:
His-little-wolfie Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I kind of like the before one better. The kind of comic book-ish style really draws my eye more than the more realistic one. But they are both fantastic :p
Ssaijon Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Well I actually heard that from different people as well, I see itīs really a matter of taste. :) (Though, I personally think these old ones look horrible, for several reasons x3)
But, thank you so much! :heart:
His-little-wolfie Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem, keep up the amazing work! :heart:
Luna-ReClipse Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow this is so great! even last year you were still great, even though i cant say i dont see improvement! your so amazing!
Ssaijon Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012
Ah thank you so much for your nice words! :blushes: :heart:
Luna-ReClipse Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
of course :)
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